About our project:

Binocular Criticism is a Chicago-based art blog devoted to paired criticism of current exhibitions. Our goal is to see what develops from looking at things with two sets of eyes. Pairing our critical voices opens up productive spaces of both dissonance and agreement. In doing so, we hope to create a site that encourages more conversation and continued dialogue about art in Chicago.

Contact us at binocularcriticism at gmail

About us:

Whitney Huber is an artist and educator with background in visual fields including studio arts, art history and cinema studies. She teaches at Columbia College Chicago and is working toward greater involvement with the city in education and arts integration. Her artistic work includes sculptural objects, installation, video, web projects, performance and community arts. Huber has an MFA in Sculpture and Art History, as well as an MA in Film Studies, from Ohio University.

Jessica Santone is a contemporary art historian who teaches at Columbia College Chicago and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her PhD in Art History from McGill University focused on the social history of documenting performance in the 1960s, especially in the Fluxus group. She has published criticism elsewhere, most recently at ArtHopper.org and in the journal In Circulation.


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